The Lancet Praises ‘Righteous Rebels: AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Crusade to Change the World’

Lancet Righteous Rebels AIDS Healthcare Foundation

AHF protest march in Washington DC in 2012

The Lancet, the prestigious medicine journal, gives high praise to Righteous Rebels: AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Crusade to Change the World. The book details the untold story of a feisty grassroots organization that turns into the world’s largest AIDS organization that provides free HIV treatment to underserved people.

Established in 1987, in Los Angeles, AIDS Healthcare Foundation has become a leader in the global fight to control the spread of HIV and AIDS. Led by co-founder and president Michael Weinstein, AHF has saved millions of lives around the world — from the United States to Africa to Asia to Latin America to Europe.

Lancet reviewer Robert Stirrups notes, “But how did this organization rise to such a prominent position? What lessons can be learned from its example? Journalist Patrick Range McDonald was granted a year of behind-the-scenes access to the organization to answer these questions, and his book Righteous Rebels was the result.”

Stirrups further writes, “McDonald has managed a deft balancing act with this book: on one hand providing a fascinating inside view of a billion-dollar non-profit organization, while on the other hand providing a history of both the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and the AIDS crisis, full of human interest and compelling portraits of the major players in the organization.”

He adds, “However, this book was written with a larger purpose in mind: to inspire readers to take action and to provide a ‘blueprint for how anyone can absolutely change the world.’”

Read the full Lancet review.

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